Building of secret houses
Wifi in the cottages

To create a wireless wifi in the cabins should take into account a large contingent of the factors that influence the stable and reliable operation of the system. Engineers «wifi style» produce a detailed examination and measurement of signal level for the sake of sustainable and high-quality coverage of the entire building. Many are wrong with the choice of the manufacturer and the amount of equipment, assuming that a wifi device is sufficient to create a uniform roaming around the house. In fact for each cottage is strictly all the same individual. Much depends on the area of the house, the material in which it is made and the nature of the floor. In most cases, metal structures used in the walls of buildings that create noise and adversely affect the level of the transmitted signal. In basements require an additional increase in signal. Since you put gsm repeaters in the cottage, you probably know about these issues about the passage of the signal. Only an expert can give the same end and make the necessary steps for measurement of the signal to determine the availability of used equipment. On average, a cottage has 3 to 8 devices allowable to connect not only through the outlet (mains around the house), to be laid down construction, but also connecting devices to each other through wifi (wds – wireless distribution system). That allows you to position the device so that they will not even be visible. But many are puzzled by the fact that the shish extra to be seen. Therefore, all the devices that are installed in the house are allowed to “hide” the batteries in the tables, put on a shelf or be installed in closets. The only claim is that to the spread of the radio signal was not shielding surfaces. Thus, the technology is not a wifi helps get rid of clutter, but also give you a full mobility and convenience. And, while moving the first job you can without turning off the computer to continue to utilize the services of internet.